2013 has been a strange and bittersweet blur. There’s been an unrelenting push and pull between the seemingly infallible happiness the year’s high points have brought me, and the burgeoning detachment and isolation I’m left with despite that. There’ve been striking reminders of the ephemerality of…

Moving back to my old account for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to see some show photos and reviews, and don’t mind some personal posts in between, come on over!

Some iPhone photos I took of Now, Now during my stint on the Bubblegum Tour. Posted them on my Instagram (shameless plug), but thought it’d look nice as a photoset, so here you go, Tumblr.

4 nights on the Bubblegum Tour

10/18 - Akron, Ohio
10/19 - Ann Arbor, Michigan
10/20 - Chicago, Illinois
10/21 - St. Louis, Missouri

Special thanks to Nikki for being a constant companion on crazy/awesome trips like these and to the second Bad Books record for making me realize how wonderful Kevin Devine is. I can think of very few musicians I respect more than this man. Go listen to his two (!) new records, Bubblegum and Bulldozer. You’re not likely to hear better music all year. Then come out to this tour and hang out with me! 



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Happy 46th birthday to Mr. Jeff Tweedy!


Happy 46th birthday to Mr. Jeff Tweedy!

Hanni El Khatib. Dan Aurbauch produced his latest album but the first one’s real good too

Man. Dan’s production is so immediately obvious. Definitely going to give this a more in-depth listen in the near future. Thanks, Sarah!

P.S. Eliot? This one’s a favorite of mine.…

What a great band name. Adding them to the list, thanks!

In dire need of new music.

It doesn’t have to actually be new, just as long as it’s new to me. I can’t put my finger on a specific sound I’m searching for, but I know that gritty bass lines and loud guitars sound especially good right now. Strong lyrics are obviously a plus. Honestly, I’m open to any recommendation as long as it isn’t mindless pop and isn’t coated in airy synthesizers. That trend can’t die soon enough. Anyway, suggestions?

"I Should Live In Salt" | The National

I miss feeling like I have a lot of friends. Or even a few friends. I’m not making any new ones in Chicago and barely see my old ones when I’m home these days. There’s definitely a desire to stay in contact with the ones I have, but I’m bad about calling and couldn’t feel less motivated to be active on social networks. I feel like a lot of people have forgotten me. Or they think I’ve forgotten them. I’m not sure what’s worse. I want to feel like I’m a part of something again. I’m nostalgic for something I know I can’t get back. And it’s not healthy to keep feeling that way. At the end of the day, all I know to do is press on and remember to notice all the good things I do have. And be patient for the good things I have to believe are on the horizon.